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Regrow Science Lab

Regrow Science Lab

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Don’t throw it – REGROW it!

Kids will learn all about botany by propagating plants from kitchen scraps and pantry staples. This hands-on kit will help kids learn how to sprout grains of rice, grown an endless supply of scallions in a test tube, and even regrow a new celery plant from scraps!

  • This Science to the Max®—Regrow Science Lab from Be Amazing! is a fantastic gift idea for a child who has an interest in science and who loves projects and experiments.
  • Children will be able to grow all kinds of tasty food from the "leftovers" that are normally tossed into the trash. From strawberries to leaks, this set will teach them all the basics that they need to know to grow their own sustainable food!
  • Kit includes 18 pieces, including easy-to-follow instructions.
  • Teaches children about food sustainability and helping the environment and planet.
  • Contains small parts! Not suitable for children under age 3 years.
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